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Weight Loss Programme (cost per month)

Weight Loss Programme (cost per month)

After booking please make payment by bank transfer: Account number: 14662086 Sort code: 559110 Account name: Manning GR. This needs to be paid in advance.

Please then proceed to book appointments with each specialist on a time to suit you under the weight loss therapy tab.

This programme is designed with healthcare professionals for medically managed weight loss. This programme delivers better outcomes due to its multiple professional approach to give you a better chance of losing weight safely. The team consists of a Nurse Consultant, Specialist Dietician and Specialist Psychotherapist. This individualised service offers the approaches set out in the National Standards by supporting you from a range of professionals throughout your experience.

The service will include:

1 hour psychotherapy a month

1 hour dietetic support a month

30 minutes of medical support a month Wellness spa discounts

Any required weight loss prescriptions Anthropometric measurements including weight, height, body mass index (BMI) waist circumference, mid upper arm circumference, and skin fold thickness will be completed to assess for physical changes in weight

Blood monitoring

Assessment of medical history and associated risk factors Comprehensive dietary assessment with detail on food preferences, the types of foods that you eat, eating patterns, dietary behaviours, and portion sizes

Assessment of nutrient intake and nutritional adequacy of diet

Assessment of physical activity levels (current and past activity levels).

Exercise support

Exploring environmental and social factors influencing dietary behaviours

Provision of an individualised dietetic plan, to support with weight and lifestyle changes

Progress will be monitored in a mutually agreed timeframe When booking this service you agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy and client agreement. You will be contacted on the number you provide to confirm the appointment. Please indicate if you would like a chaperone in booking comments. To book your consultations please use the separate dietitian, Nurse Consultant and psychotherapist appointments under the weight loss tab. Please note some investigations may incur additional charges.

  • Prescription charges

    As part of the programme prescriptions are included. Please shop around for the lowest pharmacy costs as these will vary.

  • Booking your package consultation

    To book your time slots with each of our professionals please click the following link:

    Bookings will be confirmed on receipt of funds.

    Please complete a pre-appointment questionnaire with each professional on attending your first appointment and return as soon as possible.